Job Offer – Drop In & Youth Services Coordinator


Job Title Drop In & Youth Services Coordinator
Type of position Permanent position, 30 hours per week
  • noon to 6pm (Monday to Wednesday)
  • Thursday afternoon till about 9:30pm
  • occasional evenings and weekends (including Summer Camp July 6-8)
Hourly wage $20.53/hour, indexed to inflation yearly with an additional yearly seniority increase (1%).

About the organization

Project 10 works to promote the personal, social, sexual and mental well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersex and questioning youth and adults 14-25. We use a harm-reduction, anti-oppression, and non-judgement approach in all we do.

To read more about our approach and services, please check out our website.

Project 10 is located in l’Asterisk, and therefore we share our space with Alterhéros, Jeunesse Lambda, and the Montreal Coalition of LGBT Youth Groupsé

About the post

This position is the coordinator of support services and the Drop-In, ensuring LGBTQ2AI+ youth have access to resources and support in the safest space possible. The Drop-In and Services Coordinator will work autonomously on projects in their portfolio, with support from an internal supervisor (from the board), an external supervisor (of their choosing) and the P10 staff.

While the Coordinator has their own portfolio, all staff share the collective tasks (representing 25% of your portfolio), such as representing and doing outreach for P10, organizational development, creating a warm and safe space for participants, supporting team members, and collaborating with the board.

In addition to collective tasks, the person will :

Coordinate the referral services and individual support (30%)

  • Coordinating the individual support program, including the listening line, the questions inbox, our Facebook chat, accompaniments, advocacy, and Hangouts.
  • Maintaining our referral resources, the gender gear program, and the harm-reduction materials (such as condoms, needles, etc).

Coordinate of the Drop-In program (25%)

  • Coordination of the night (prepare the space, ensuring volunteer presence, food, metro tickets, organizing any activities for the night)
  • Intervention during the program (supporting participants, maintain the safe(r) space, etc.)

Coordinate interns, volunteers, and summer employees (20%)

  • Selecting, training, and supporting volunteers for Drop-In, interns, and summer employees

An ideal candidate will..

At Projet 10, we recognize the value of lived experience as well as paid and unpaid work. We encourage applications from candidates who meet many or all of the following qualifications:

  • Able to work in a team; strong interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility and adaptable to a changing and busy work environment
  • Able to work autonomously and balance multiple projects
  • Knowledge of local LGBT2IQA+ youth realities, including
    • Using harm reduction and anti-oppression practices
    • Putting your understanding of intersectionality into practice
  • Significant experience providing support to youth (active listening, peer support, etc.) and knowledge of intervention techniques, for individuals and groups
  • Excellent English or French skills (written, spoken), and ability to express yourself professionally in the other language (written, spoken)


  • Familiarity with local community organizations
  • Training in de-escalation and suicidal ideation
  • First aid training
  • Resourceful with technology and social media (like Facebook, WordPress, etc)

Employment Equity

Project 10 recognizes the unique contributions of people who experience marginalization or oppression and invites people who are Indigenous, racialized, People of Colour, women, lesbian, bisexual, trans, gender non-conforming, people with disability(es)*, working class, HIV+, previously incarcerated, migrant, in particular to apply. Project 10, as a youth organization, encourages those that are near our age mandate to apply. (Unfortunately, those under 18 are not eligible, nor are current or recent Project 10 service users.)

*Project 10 is not located in a wheelchair accessible space. For some information on accessibility on the space, please see this link.

**As this position involves working with youth, we are still doing research into what, if any, police background check will be done for successful applicants. Please check back for updates.


Employees are eligible for health days, vacation, $1000 annually in health and wellness expenses, and $1000 annually for professional development.

Application Process

All candidates are asked to fill out this form, in English or in French, instead of a cover letter. The form will also ask you to include your resume in a PDF format. You can edit your responses after they have been submitted until the deadline of  March 19th 2018 at 11:59pm. Long answer questions have maximum of 1500 characters. If you have any problems with the form, please email apply [a]

All candidates who apply will receive a confirmation that their application has been received, but only those who are selected for an interview will be contacted further.

All interviews will take place during the week of the 26th of March 2018. The ideal start date for the position is April 17th, 2018.

Any questions about the post can be addressed to Otto at coordoprojet10 [a] or at (514) 989-0001 during Project 10’s opening hours (Mon – Thurs, 12 to 6).

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Wanna be in our yearbook?

P10 is pumped to announce that we will be creating (for the very first time!) a yearbook to celebrate our team, our participants, and our accomplishments.
(emoji of a book, a poodle, a camera, and a unicorn)
 If you are a participant from P10 (and that includes those involved in our project Our Bodies, Our Stories: a qtbipoc arts mentorship program), we invite you to be in our yearbook!
Contact our intern to know more details, or fill out this form if you are a participant who is interested in being in our yearbook!
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to be in the yearbook!
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OUR BODIES, OUR STORIES – a performance showcase & fundraiser

Our Bodies, Our Stories: a performance showcase & fundraiser

Théâtre Ste Catherine
264 Ste Catherine E
Montreal QC
H2X 1L4

Feb 17, 2018
Doors/portes: 7pm
Show: 8pm

Our Bodies, Our Stories, a QTBIPOC arts & performance mentorship and training program is excited to present a mid-year performance showcase & fundraiser!

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Hey!! P-10 hangouts this Thursday (jan 18th) will be from 3-6pm (not 1:30-6pm)

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P-10 Winter Break

P-10 Winter Break – Congé P10 pour l’hiver

last Drop-in of 2017: 14 Dec
fermé du 15 déc – 8 jan // closed from dec 15th – jan 8th
Hangouts reopen Jan 9th // Hangouts de retour le 9 janvier 
Drop-in Back Jan 11th – Drop-in de retour le 11 janvier


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Help us raise 20k by January 1st to support our mission and programming!

LGBTQ+ youth need a space to connect with peers, to talk openly about stigmatized topics, and find out about appropriate health and social services. For over 25 years, Project 10 has  been creating safer spaces where youth can receive support, find one another, and define themselves–on their own terms.

Through our advocacy and accompaniment, we assist LGBTQ+ youth while they navigate resources that weren’t created with them in mind. We support youth as they explore and express their gender with our gender gear program, and break isolation by fostering peer support for and between youth. By finding community and receiving compassionate, knowledgeable support for their well-being,  LGBTQ+ youth build confidence, discover their resilience, and learn skills they will carry for a lifetime.

The number of people accessing P10’s services has been increasing. In the next year, we hope to meet the demand for more skill-sharing workshops, to develop more programming, and expand our ability to advocate for and accompany youth outside our office.
This #GivingTuesday on November 28th 2017, we hope to raise $15 000 to jumpstart our total goal year end goal of $20 000.
#P10pcq #P10Because LGBTQ+ Youth still need you! on Crowdrise

*donations are tax deductible*

Continue helping P10 by telling everyone why you support us with #P10Because…

Share a selfie and your message across social media, and tag us on Instagram and Facebook!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • #p10Because building community means creating hope
  • #p10Because wellbeing for all LGBTQ+ youth must include those who are also racialized, disabled, migrant, or poor
  • #p10Because LGBTQ+ youth should feel unique, but not alone

Together, we are building a future where all LGBTQ+ youth feel supported, safe, and able to define themselves on their own terms. 

Why do you give? 


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APPLY for Our Bodies, Our Stories Fall/Winter Program! (Nov 12 deadline)

Our Bodies, Our Stories is an arts and performance training program for Queer & Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC) aged 16-24 in Montreal. The program is FREE, and STM tickets and meals are offered to the participants! Application closes on Nov 12!

Check it out here: reading

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P10 Temporary Closure Oct 9-19th

Dear participants and community members.,

P10 is going to be temporarily closing support services between October 9th and 19th inclusively (with the exception of drop-in and Our Bodies Our Stories which will remain open). We are taking this time away from offering individual, telephone and online support and hangouts in order to work on some pressing needs in our organization. Drop-in will remain open, so participants, this is an opportunity connect at drop-in, swap some contact info, step up your support with each other and accompany each other to new resources. If you made an appointment during these upcoming weeks, email to reschedule.

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A little introduction to our newest team member..


My name iPerson with one curl showing, wearing black rimmed glasses, a green hat, and a striped black shirt. They are smiling and staring at the camera.s Otto and I will be the new Fundraising and Finance Administrator at Project 10. I am a friendly but shy homebody who has been living in Montreal for the past 9 years. I started volunteering at Project 10 when I was an undergraduate at McGill and I’m excited to be back after a few years of gaining experience working for different nonprofits around the city. You can rely on me to answer questions about our budget or get that FUNdraiser planned! Now, because I’ve been out of the office for more than 5 years, I’m going to need your help getting re-oriented around here. Could you help me out by filling out this quick survey telling me what you love about P10?

Drop by our offices whenever we’re open, and don’t hesitate to come introduce yourself if I’m typing away at my computer. Even though I’m always busy, I am always up for a quick chat especially if you want to practice ASL or share kitty pics! And if that doesn’t work- call me, beep me, if you want to reach me! or on our Admin line.

It’s so nice to meet you!

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Hey everyone! I’m Jodie-Ann, the new Social Work intern from McGill. I’ll be here on Tuesdays from 12-6 and Thursdays for drop-in until April (YAYYY) if you all want to chat. I’ll be doing group activities and soon I’ll be taking individual appointments, too! I’m super into talking about gender, sexuality and race, and how they all come together. I’m also here to chat with you about relationships, school/work stress and other daily life stuff you may need to talk about. Come say hi!!

PS: I love cats so please bring me pictures of your cats if you have (or pictures of any cat, to be honest).

PPS: I love to write poetry so we can chat about that too if you want to know about places in Montreal to share your art.

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