Looking for participants in a documentary on queer & lesbian women

What : Call out for filmed interviews
When : Now !
Where : Montreal

Tracy Fitcher is a french student in cinema. She is now in Montreal in order to make a documentary about Lesbian and Queer women. She needs you for her project :

“It’s also a way for me to discover a different culture; I’m interested in the queer community, what it means to be a part of it, how it’s perceived, what the difference is between gay&lesbian and queer… I’d like to know if you think it’s “easy” to be homosexual in Montreal, if you see a lot of lesbian couples, what you think of the visibility, what the relationship is like between the francophone and the anglophone communities… And much more! This documentary is also a way, by showing several women asserting themselves as lesbians/queer women, to fight against invisibility.”

If you are interrested or if you want more information : tina.fichter@hotmail.fr

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