Conference and Film for Transexual Parents & Future Transexual Parents – November 20th

This documentary is a joyful and poignant depiction of three sisters (aged 6, 9 and 11 years old) trying to understand why and how their Uncle Bill became a woman. These girls loved their Uncle Bill, but will they experience the same feelings when he transitions into their new Aunt Barbara? A few weeks before Bill’s first visit as Barbara, the sisters explore the complex areas of anatomy, sexuality, personality, gender and fashion. Their reactions are funny, touching and definitely different.

After the film, Marie-Eve Baron, a transsexual mom and his partner Claire Giroudeau, a mother of two girls, will talk about their own experience. They also undertake a discussion on how to talk about transgender children.

November 20th at 7pm
Location: Centre St-Pierre, Room 204

1212 Panet Street, Montreal, Quebec

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