Group for parents of gender non-conforming child

Social Action Research Project : Parenting a “gender creative” child in today’s society

Are you a parent of or caring for a child who is gender “non‐conforming” or gender “creative”? Does your boy wish he were a princess or constantly pretend he has long hair? Does your girl refuse to wear dresses and feel like a boy? Is your child cross‐dressing in private or public? Does your child feel that they are neither a boy or a girl? If you answer yes to one of these questions, we would love to hear from you.

We are currently seeking to develop a social action research group with parents of gender creative /gender non‐conforming children. This participatory social action research will take the form of group work activities over a period of 15 weeks. The group has two distinct aims: The first aim is to provide parents of gender creative / gender nonconforming children with a safe space to discuss their experience, identify challenges at personal, social and political levels, and frame solutions for action according to their own identified aimed outcome. The second aim, from a research perspective, is to gain an understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities parents of gender creative / gender non‐conforming children’ experience while negotiating the social and community environments in which their children grow.

You can participate in as many or as few group sessions as you want.

Childcare: for those who have a child that need care during the meetings, a child care facility will be available within the premises at no cost. You can bring your child along, whether they are gender creative / gender non‐conforming or not. Should you be interested in participating in the Social Action Research Group, or if you require more information, please contact:

Dr. Annie Pullen Sansfacon :

 Or, simply drop by at Famijeunes (3904, rue Notre‐Dame Ouest, Montréal, Québec, H4C 1R1) Monday 16 th January 2012, at 6pm for our first meeting. The following meetings will then be held Mondays, every other week between 6pm and 8pm.

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