P10 Queer Movie NIght! 2nd Edition

What : A Movie Night to support P10
Where : Le cagibi 5490 St. Laurent, Montreal, QC
When : Sunday, April 29th, 8 pm

Come support P10! Enjoy free popcorn and fabulous films!
With local here, queer and fabulous artists Johnston Newfield and Sam Unger discussing and showing their films!
And our feature film Happy Together “chun gwong cha sit” by director Wong Kar-Wei

“Yiu-Fai and Po-Wing arrive in Argentina from Hong Kong and take to the road for a holiday. Something is wrong and their relationship goes adrift. A disillusioned Yiu-Fai starts working at a tango bar to save up for his trip home. When a beaten and bruised Po-Wing reappears, Yiu-Fai is empathetic but is unable to enter a more intimate relationship. After all, Po-Wing is not ready to settle down. Yiu-Fai now works in a Chinese restaurant and meets the youthful Chang from Taiwan. Yiu-Fai’s life takes on a new spin, while Po-Wing’s life shatters continually in contrast.”

Happy Together will be introduced by our Queer Film night veteran returning local talent Carol Fernandes!

Info :https://www.facebook.com/events/276922619066804/


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