ASTTeQ Fundraiser and Guide Launch Party

Friday, August 3rd
Barbecue at 7pm – Show at 9pm
CitiBar – 1603 Ontario Est (Métro Papineau, Autobus 125)
$5-10 pay what you can – nobody turned away.
This event will be a fundraiser for ASTTeQ’s new anti-violence campaign!
Join us for a night of celebration! ASTTeQ is launching its new guidebook for trans people, Self-Referred: A Quebec Trans Health Survival Tool. This guide aims to centralize some of this community knowledge and equip you with the information and resources to stand up for yourself. Knowledge is power; the more information you have, the more you’ll be able to advocate for yourself, whether it be against a disrespectful doctor or social worker, uninformed staff at a shelter, discriminatory landlords or employers, or abusive or violent cops. Topics include a look at daily struggles in the lives of trans people, hormone therapy, surgery, legal name and sex designation changes, HIV/AIDS, sex-segregated spaces, and legal rights and advocacy tools.
ASTTeQ will also be launching its new website, which will be an important tool to let people know about our services, and projects, as well as pertinent community news and information.
ASTTeQ aims to promote the health and well-being of trans people through peer support and advocacy, education and outreach, and community empowerment and mobi- lization. We understand the health of trans people and our communities to be related to economic and social inequali- ties that have resulted in trans people experiencing dispro- portionate rates of poverty, un(der)employment, precarious housing, criminalization, and violence. We believe in the right to self-determine gender identity and gender expression free from coercion, violence, and discrimination. We advocate for access to health care that will meet the many needs of our diverse communities, while working collectively to build supportive, healthy, and resilient communities
**ACCESSIBILITY: Citibar is accessible by ramp through the terrace, which is immediately to the left of the front entrance. The terrace entrance is 5 feet wide, with a raise of 7 inches. The entrance into the bar from the terrace is a manual door that is 35 inches wide.
-The bar is not very spacious. Between the bar stools and the stage, there is a corridor approximately 35 inches wide.
-There are several stools and chairs for seating.
-Bathrooms are at the back of the bar and are small. The women’s washroom entrance is 23 inches wide, as are the 2 bathroom stalls. There are no handrails or supports. The men’s washroom entrance is 26 inches and slightly more spacious than the women’s washroom. 
If you need any information or assistance related to accessibility at this event, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to figure out a solution.
For more info, contact us at 514-847-0067 ext. 216 or
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