PRIDE project invites you to participate to a focus group

What : Project PRIDE, coordinated by Cherie Moody from Mc Gill University, invites you to participate to a research about youth sexual health.
When : upcoming weeks
Where: Mc Gill University
Contact :
or (514) 398-2904.

More : “Are you a gay or bisexual man between 18 and 25 years old? If so, you are invited to take part in a focus group to discuss issues of sexual health among young gay and bisexual men.
The focus group will cover topics such as:
•       What are the current challenges facing young gay and bisexual men’s sexual health, including challenges to engaging in safer sex?
•       What are the best ways to facilitate young gay and bisexual men’s sexual health?
•       How can researchers connect with young gay and bisexual men to deliver sexual health programming?
The focus group will take place at McGill University and will last for around an hour. Participants will be compensated $30 for their participation in the focus groups.
The current study has been approved by the Research Ethics Board of McGill (REB #02-0611).

If you are interested in participating, or to get more information, please contact us at or (514) 398-2904.”

Thank you for sharing the information!

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