Pssst! Hey! Young people of colour and aboriginal young people! Guess what?

Project 10 and Ethnoculture are collaborating to bring you a fun and exciting space for you to:

  • Swap stories with each other about dealing with racism
  • Talk with each other about what it’s like to be young, queer and racialized
  • Drink some juice
  • Meet other LGBTQ young people who are also of ethnocultural or indigenous backgrounds
  • Eat some popcorn
  • Watch small videos on topics related to sexuality, gender and race

But these are just our ideas. Before this space is created, we want to hear what YOU want out of it…So COME HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Who: Y’all! (14-25 year old)
What: A little discussion and brainstorm, also known as a “focus group”Where: Project 10 2075 rue Plessis, 3rd floor, metros Sherbrooke or Beaudry
When: Wednesday May 30th, 6-8
Why: Cuz you matter.

Facebook event :

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