This saturday, don’t miss this exposition at Ste-Emily Skillshare

Find the event on facebook and invite your friends :

SNAP! Moving to our own Beats & Outwords proudly presents….

Shut the Fuck Up and Listen to ”Recalcitrants”
A collection of works that Reclaim, Rebel, Rekindle, Reinvites, Remembers, Recreates, Returns

Saturday, October 29th @ Ste Emilie Skillshare
Photo Exhibit + Installation
w/ dance, song, spoken word performances
Doors Open at 7:30pm
Location: 3942 Rue Ste Emilie (close to metro St Henri, Orange line)

The People Project & OutWords
Based out of Toronto, The People Project is an ever-growing movement of spectrum youth; queer and trans folks of color and our allies, committed to individual and community empowerment. We work to inspire critical and creative spectrum youth leaders; to encourage community based conditions for meaningful growth and cooperation, to challenge oppression in all forms and to fuel resilient movements for social justice.

SNAP! Moving to our own Beats PILOT PROJECT
This collective photography project is being organized in order to create space for queer and trans racialized youth in Montreal an opportunity to meet each other, exchange stories, create collective art and identify the issues they face in their everyday lives. Moving to our own Beats is a collaboration between Ste Emilie Skillshare and Ethnoculture, with the support of Project 10. We are proud to be working with the People Project and the Outwords program to highlight art works created by queer spectrum youth across Montreal and Toronto. From this pilot project, we are aiming to start a full length project in March 2012.

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