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What is drop-in?

Drop-in happens weekly on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 pm for youth 14 to 25. The drop-in is a bilingual, open, semi-structured group, facilitated by staff and interns. The content of the drop-in is largely youth directed. Some favourite activities included song writing, board games, karaoke, and more!

What does a drop-in volunteer do?

Volunteers are part of the Safer Space team and help maintain the safety of Project 10’s drop-in. They can facilitate activities or workshops or simply hang-out with the attending youth. Using their active listening skills, they provide a listening ear and can help the youth navigate various situations. Volunteers are there to make sure everyone feels welcome and included. They are also needed for the setting up and taking down of the materials and food before and after drop-in.

To apply: 

Visit our donation page to make a donation.

Or, you can write us a cheque or money order to Project 10 and send it to us at:

1575 rue Amherst
Montreal, QC H2L 3L4

If you can’t make a large donation, do it monthly! It really adds up for us; just 5 bucks monthly covers a youth’s bus fare to make it to drop-in and a support appointment.

More into a one time donation? $75 covers the cost of essential gender gear like binders and packers for trans youth for 6 months.