? ? ? OMG, IT’S NOAH’S LAST DAY!!!✅ ???

? ? ? OMG, IT’S NOAH’S LAST DAY!!! ???????????☹️ If you didn’t know, Noah was an McGill social work intern. We just wanted to take a moment to show off some of the great work Noah did at P10 :

– Created a guide on how to change your name and gender marker & what steps to follow AFTER your change has come through (available in EN & FR)
– Updated our HRT & Surgeries guide
-Gathered referrals for folks seeking autism diagnoses
-Helped prep and facilitate a workshop for teachers accommodating trans students
-Updated an info-sheet on finding trans friendly therapists
-Organized and wrote up notes from our transitioning Q & A drop-in w/ Dr. Bui-Nguyen

And of course, Noah was there at drop-in, on the phone?☎️, answering e-mails? and meeting you one-on-one?. In total Noah spend 400 hours with all of us (aka 4X?) ? ?! THANKS SO MUCH NOAH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR NEXT ENDEAVOURS! ??????? ????

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