Help us raise 20k by January 1st to support our mission and programming!

LGBTQ+ youth need a space to connect with peers, to talk openly about stigmatized topics, and find out about appropriate health and social services. For over 25 years, Project 10 has  been creating safer spaces where youth can receive support, find one another, and define themselves–on their own terms.

Through our advocacy and accompaniment, we assist LGBTQ+ youth while they navigate resources that weren’t created with them in mind. We support youth as they explore and express their gender with our gender gear program, and break isolation by fostering peer support for and between youth. By finding community and receiving compassionate, knowledgeable support for their well-being,  LGBTQ+ youth build confidence, discover their resilience, and learn skills they will carry for a lifetime.

The number of people accessing P10’s services has been increasing. In the next year, we hope to meet the demand for more skill-sharing workshops, to develop more programming, and expand our ability to advocate for and accompany youth outside our office.
This #GivingTuesday on November 28th 2017, we hope to raise $15 000 to jumpstart our total goal year end goal of $20 000.
#P10pcq #P10Because LGBTQ+ Youth still need you! on Crowdrise

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Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • #p10Because building community means creating hope
  • #p10Because wellbeing for all LGBTQ+ youth must include those who are also racialized, disabled, migrant, or poor
  • #p10Because LGBTQ+ youth should feel unique, but not alone

Together, we are building a future where all LGBTQ+ youth feel supported, safe, and able to define themselves on their own terms. 

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