P-10 Closed July 14-27

So Remy and Sarah are on vacation for 2 weeks, which means P-10 is closed July 14th-27th. It looks like drop-in will be open July 17th, and the youth committee of L’Astérisk may put something together for the 24th (stay tuned on our Facebook Page for updates).

Some times it is a really bummer to feel without resources, but there are other resources in the community, and this might be a good chance to connect. (check out their summer schedules to make sure its a match)

For trans* & gender related support, check out ASTT(e)Q or the Centre for Gender Advocacy

Under 18 and needs to talk? Kids Help Phone (any subject, any time)

Over 18 and needs to talk about sexuality, feeling in crisis, having suicidal thoughts (or call 9-1-1 for emergencies!)

There’s also the West Island Youth Centre to check out

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