Be a volunteer for P10 Summer Camp

We’re looking for volunteers who want to help out at Project 10’s summer camp. As per usual we are looking for lots of help from enthusiastic, dedicated and generally rad folk who want to make camp a super fun place where participants can feel welcomed and supported.

We welcome candidates of any gender, sexual orientation, racial, ethnic and/or national origin, mental or physical ability, and class background to apply to be a P10 camp volunteer. We are also striving to make camp as bilingual as possible. For this reason we will give some priority to bilingual volunteers to ensure all participant needs are met. However, do not let this deter you from applying since we are looking for dynamic and dedicated volunteers to be involved in camp this year. Keep reading to find out more information about camp, what we are looking for from our volunteers, and how to get involved!

Where and When is Camp?
The camp will take place at Arundel Nature Centre. It will take place during July 13th, 14th and 15th week end. The bus will leave around 12pm on friday and come back around 4pm on sunday.

Volunteer Training and Orientation
Please note that all volunteers are asked to attend a mandatory orientation session
Wednesday July 4th at 6pm, to distribute the tasks for the week-end, to inform everyone of the programming and to make sure we are all on the same page around camp rules.

Volunteer participation means free transportation to and from camp, free food and lodging and a weekend of fun with a group of amazing participants and volunteers. Unfortunately this year p10 is unable to say if we will offer honorariums to volunteers.

Volunteer selection/notification:
As Project 10 expands so do people’s interest in volunteering for camp. As an organization we are lucky to have so many people who want to dedicate their time and skills to make Camp not just happen, but to make it awesome. Unfortunately, this has meant that the capacity we have as an organization for accepting all volunteers who apply is limited. For this reason, we will be prioritizing folks who have previous volunteer experience with Project 10. We ask that all potential volunteers fill out an application form (see below), and that those with no previous Project 10 volunteer experience be available to answer a few questions in a phone interview.

Volunteers with P10 camp are prioritized based on the needs and interests of participants and of camp. Volunteers need to be responsible, dedicated, reliable and ready to fully participate and support all participants, volunteers, and staff who attend!

Please note that upon receiving your application, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview. The interview will take place before July the first. All volunteers will be notified of their acceptance or refusal by July 4th.

Volunteering at P10 Camp
We ask that volunteers be available for the entire weekend. While at camp, volunteer duties range from;
– participating in programming (arts and crafts, sports, etc.) with participants
– leading programming
– facilitating and participating in workshops
– providing whisper translation (if possible)
– helping participants in the kitchen, with cooking and clean-up
– taking “one-on-one” peer support shifts
– being a generally rad and supportive human to be around

How to submit your application:
Fill out the application form (click here). Upon acceptance, all volunteers will be asked to fill out a registration form for camp to provide us with the informations needed to insure camp security (food allergy, person to contact in case of emergency, medicare number, etc).

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